I was confidently terrified with a heavy dosage of excitement as I waved goodbye to my zip code of 18 years and boarded a South West flight to Tampa, FL. The flight itinerary read one-way and with tears stinging my face I looked at my movie set surroundings and attempted to process just what I was doing.

I was running away from the only place on the face of the earth that I knew loved me back. This place called Wildwood, MO, with its beautiful intricacies, wrote a story compiled with complicated twisted truths and bruises. It’s flaws were those worth running from and boy was a good at running. As I stepped onto the plane, I was led to the 18 year long awaited day. It was time to write my story.

January 4th I woke up in Grandma B’s house with a back-pack, suitcase, and a unexplainable thrill in my gut. I had no job, no car and $1400 bucks in my bank account with zero plans. The plan? Sing. The dream? I wanted to be covered in sparkles singing for souls who celebrate their stories from all over the world. I wanted to connect with the kind of souls that looked and thought different than me. I was naive and hopeful but somehow my heart knew Florida was a closer step towards the delusional prayer I had held tight too since pre-K.

So here we are on a Thursday night; January 4, 2014 to be exact. It’s my first night in a foreign land and Annie, my cousin, takes me to Hot Diggity Dogs - a small sweet hole in the wall. A talented singer/songwriter Peter, her friend from the volleyball world invited her out for his first ever show. This was perfect. I get to hear music night one and the chance to meet new people. I put on the cutest flannel I owned ( it had gold sparkles ) jumped in the car with Aunt Kim and Annie and listened to the show smiling so big, knowing that this was a good start on the blank page. Then there was Nate. He was a super stud and Alan’s big brother. He as well got up for a song and after the performance I had to go make an introduction. I go up to meet Nate and naturally had to sing him a song when the biggest amen followed. Brooke walked away facebook friend official with the two 20 something year old volleyball singing studs. I did it… I was making ripples.

Little did I know my first hello with Nate could be the dream come true with Alan and Brave Holiday. It took 8 months to finally get that pivotal Starbucks Conversation with Alan but once it came perspective and ambition fled my system. I found myself a friend who would grow me through music and challenge me to seek out its profoundness.

The depth of the why’s and how’s are best explained over coffee, but I lead with this to say the unknown is on your side. There is good out there and it wants to dream with you, for it is not against you. Find the gift in every present and celebrate the fact that each soul you meet can radically change up the color and direction of your life. So beautiful, strong, capable, stranger reading this; whoever you are, I close to say dream intentionally, and with adamancy.

Sweet stranger, thank you for reading! This is my first post of many and I have a readiness and excitement in me to share the things that have impacted and grown me as a person. SO TELL ME What is something you’re reaching for? Would love to learn your stories as well so make sure to find us on instagram to leave a message or on the page! Cheers to you wild humans, lets live a life worth celebrating.

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