I had somewhere to be, and in a hurry like I always was I let my hair down and called Alan. The boys were at the spot already and we had a song to write. My life was perfect and I knew it. I was living with a family rent free, drove their bomb Yucon and worked at a greek dinner where I was welcomed with a “Hello Sexy!” Every shift from Poppo.

My shift that Tuesday night was almost over and I had a full belly from the yummiest greek food. I was getting my side work done as I stuffed my face as fast as possible, you see I had to beat the 9:00 clock and had a 40 min drive ahead of me. I mopped as fast as I could and hugged my manager Miss Linda goodbye. As I made my way to the top of the garage smelling like olive oil and feta, I found my pals all set up already singing songs. Alan stood looking out towards the ocean with his guitar and Josh was beating his drum. They looked like a movie, one that I love to revisit in my head now adays. This night I am describing was one of many but one in particular stands apart. We called ourselves “Wake the Neighbors” and we found ourselves in the dead of night singing our made up melodies to the now fast asleep city Sarasota. It was 2:00 AM and we were in the middle of writing “In My Dreams”. The chorus was written on the beach, the pre on the rooftop and the verses in the passenger seat. My face was broken from my wisdom teeth that were being extracted the next morning and I couldn’t pronounce my words- it was cracking our shit up. I couldn’t close my jaw and with a awkward sound screamed the lyrics“ Whos’s to say that, reality is where I’m meant to be”. Corny maybe but still my favorite, we wrote a song. The rooftop was our playground, it accompanied us and was the spot where our 10,000 hours were put into work. The harmonies and soul found in our close knit group were born there, for it was a sweet musical movie.

I believe nineteen to be easy, for those jam days I wish I lived more presently. Joy was real as I set my eyes on the vision for the future, and I see how unaware I was that the days without worry were some kind of Christmas Day magic. Those lyrics ended up being what we lived by for the next summer. We dreamt and reality couldn’t rob us of where we planned to go, the Florida light inside of us was breaking through the seams, everyone noticed it. In retrospect these were the best days of my life and musical journey. I spent those days dreaming and at times I wish I had wished less, for that chapter was bliss.

What is a memory or time in your life that you’re forever grateful for? I don’t believe we should live in the past but I think it’s healing to know where you came from and what was given to you. Time is a funny thing, and you’re yesterday’s make you who you are. What gifts did you have in your past? The ones you’ll never wish you’d take back?

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