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Nashville, Tennessee’s BRAVE HOLIDAY is proof that hard work and passion can defy the norm of indie-pop to create an uplifitng twist. Since their beginnings in 2015, the duo has set out to inspire others to reflect on the beauty found in every attribute of humanity.

Brooke Bonderer, Brave Holiday’s colead, left her roots in Missouri with a dream to spend her days creating music. Along the way, she met Alan Davis in his hometown of Sarasota, FL and the two hit if off over their shared desire to express emotion and reveal truth throughout music. Their shared passion led to the creation of Brave Holiday. Not even a year after inception, the band set its sights on a nationwide tour. Bonderer and Davis spent their initial months as Brave Holiday calling venues around the country to organize the tour. Their goal came to life during the summer of 2016 when they traveled the U.S. sharing their music.

The tour inspired them to move to none other than Nashville, TN, in fall of 2016. Since then, they’ve been writing and recording with producer Andrew Bergthold. As a completely independent band, they’ve had the freedom to experiment and perfect their sound for nearly two years. The duo is unique in the fact that neither takes the lead. Instead, they combine their diverse talents to create an extraordinary sound. Brooke’s energy on stage captivates any crowd and establishes a connection with the audience. Davis takes leads in the writing room, and is crucial to the sound as a multi-instrumentalist and producer himself. Blending elements of traditional indie rock with a twist of vibrant pop, Brave Holiday’s music encourages listeners to connect with themselves and their emotions. Their beginnings with a guitar, harmony, and gripping lyrics will always be the simple, timeless attributes of their sound that they admire most.

Their first released single, Just Kids, gained traction and was featured on a National McDonalds commercial. Brave Holiday has continued to refine their sound and personality and plans to release new music this coming summer.



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